IA 1040 - Iowa Individual Income Tax Return

The IA 1040 is the official form used to file your Iowa individual income tax return for the year 2024. It allows the Iowa Department of Revenue to assess the income tax you owe to the state.

Who Should File Form 1040?

Generally, anyone who earned income in Iowa during 2024 is required to file an IA 1040.

What Information Do You Need to File?

Federal Adjusted Gross Income (AGI): This amount can be found on your federal tax return (Form 1040).

Iowa-Specific Income: Wages, interest, dividends, rental income, etc., earned in Iowa.

Deductions: Standard deduction or itemized deductions allowed by Iowa.

Tax Credits: Applicable tax credits that reduce your tax liability.

Where And When to File Form IA-1040?

Deadline to File: The filing deadline for the IA 1040 typically coincides with the federal tax filing deadline, which is April 30, 2024 (subject to change).

Where to File: You can file your IA 1040 electronically through the Iowa Department of Revenue's website (https://tax.iowa.gov/) or mail a paper copy to the designated address.