Schedule IA 102: Iowa Amended Return Schedule

Schedule IA 102 is an official form used in Iowa to report and explain changes made to a previously filed income or franchise tax return. It's mandatory to include this schedule whenever you file an amended tax return in the state.

What's the Purpose of Schedule IA 102?

  • Reports and explains adjustments to a previously filed Iowa tax return.
  • Used for any tax year, not specific to 2023.

Who Needs to File Schedule IA 102?

  • Individuals amending IA 1040, IA 1040C, IA 1041, IA 1065, IA 1120F, or IA 1120S forms.
  • Not required for IA 1040X or IA 1120X amended returns.

What to File with Amended Return?

  • Attach Schedule IA 102 to your amended IA 1040 form (or other applicable return).
  • Electronically submitted amended returns are allowed (check with your software vendor).

What Information Required to File Schedule IA 102?

Reason for Amendment: Choose a reason code from the provided list (e.g., net operating loss, federal amended return).

Explanation of Changes: Clearly outline the adjustments you're making to your original return.

Pass-through Entities: If amending due to a pass-through entity change, include form IA 103 (if applicable).

How to get Refunds?

  • File for refunds within 3 years of the original return's due date (including extensions) or 1 year after tax payment.
  • IRS audit adjustments exceeding the deadline require filing within 1 year of the final determination date.
  • Include a copy of the relevant federal document explaining the final adjustments with your amended Iowa return.