Arizona State Income Tax Guide

The deadline to prepare and e-file taxes is April 15. The e-Filing deadline is Oct. 15.

  • Arizona Standard Deduction Amounts Adjusted
    The 2023 Arizona standard deduction amounts are:
    $ 13,850 for a single taxpayer or a married taxpayer filing a separate return;
    $ 27,700 for a married couple filing a joint return; and
    $ 20,800 for individuals filing a head of household
    Change to Standard Deduction Increase for Charitable Contributions

  • For taxpayers who do not itemized tax deductions on their Arizona income tax return and elect to take the standard deduction, the allowable Standard Deduction Increase was modified. The allowable portion of your charitable contributions used to compute your Standard Deduction Increased was increased from 27% to 31% of the qualified charitable contributions made during the tax year. Taxpayers must complete page 3 of their personal income tax form to claim the Standard Deduction Increase. (Arizona Form 140, Form 140PY or Form 140NR).