New York Income Tax Return Instructions

How To?

A: Access NY Forms

Step 1: Sign in to
Step 2: Click on State Taxes on the left menu.
On the right page click on the link I'd like to see the forms I've filled out or search for a form
Step 3: Scroll to the NY State Forms drop-down, click on the the right down arrow
Step 4: Click the form in question and review, edit the entries and save.
or Step 5: Use the NY search box to search for other forms or click on the links below the search box
Step 6: Click on Add Form next to the form name, complete, save and continue.

B: Tax Return Residency Status
You are a resident of NY for tax purposes, if you maintain a permanent place of abode in New York State for substantially all of the tax year and spend 184 days or more in New York State during the taxable year, whether or not you are domiciled in New York State for any portion of the taxable year. More details New York Residency Status for your NY state tax return.
C: Tax Refund Status
D: 2022 Tax Year Instructions