Maryland Income Tax Filing Deadlines by Tax Year

The majority of deadlines listed here are for the current tax year. Some apply to upcoming tax years and some are IRS or federal deadlines. Note that the April 15 and October 15 filing deadlines vary by year but are generally on or around the 15th of these months. The links pages will have the latest updates.

Tax Day, April 15
IRS and State Income Tax Return
Prepare and eFile an IRS and Maryland income tax return by this timely date - eFileIT
Tax Day, April 15
Income Tax Extension
October 15
Individual income tax return after the April Tax Day deadline
Last day to e-file a Maryland state income tax return for tax extension filers and late eFilers. You can only eFile (to file by paper, see below) Maryland Income Tax Return together with an IRS Tax Return. eFileIT - See instructions on how to only - without the IRS return - prepare and file a Maryland state income tax return on
After Oct. 15 via mail-in forms
Income tax return after the deadline
Deadline for taxpayers who got an IRS and/or MD extension to file their income taxes - forms and mailing addresses are listed below
As soon as possible
Tax Amendment for All Tax Years
See detailed instructions on how to prepare and mail in a Maryland tax amendment
IRS Due Dates
IRS Tax Return, Extension, Amendment Deadlines
All Deadlines and Years
Other State Tax Return, Extension, Amendment Deadlines
Select respective State Tax Return Deadlines
All Deadlines and Years
IRS Federal Income Tax Return, Amendment, Extension Deadlines
April 15, Three Years Later
Maryland Income Tax Return Refund; IRS Tax Return Refund Claim Deadline
The last day to file - you will not face late filing penalties - and claim your Maryland tax refund. This deadline does not apply if you owe income taxes.