Form SC1040 (2023): South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return

Form SC1040 is the official tax return document used by residents of South Carolina to report their income and calculate their state income tax liability for a specific tax year. It's similar to the federal Form 1040 but applies specifically to South Carolina taxes.

Who Needs to File Form SC1040?

A. Residents: Anyone who was a resident of South Carolina for the entire tax year must file a South Carolina income tax return.

B. Part-Year Residents: If you lived in South Carolina for part of the year, you may be considered a full-year resident or a nonresident for tax purposes. You can choose to file as a full-year resident and report all your income or as a nonresident and only report income earned in South Carolina.

C. Military Personnel: Special rules apply to members of the military on active duty.

What Information Do I Need?

  • Federal Tax Return: Your federal tax return (Form 1040) and any relevant schedules will be helpful in completing the SC1040.
  • Income Documentation: W-2s, 1099s, and records of any other income sources.
  • Deduction and Credit Documentation: Proof of any deductions or credits you claim, such as receipts for charitable contributions or documentation for education expenses.

Where can I get Form SC1040?

  • You can download the latest version of Form SC1040 attached below.

Key Points to Remember About Form SC1040:

  1. Filing Deadlines: The deadline to file your South Carolina income tax return is typically the same as the federal filing deadline (usually April 15th). However, extensions are available.
  2. Filing Options: You can file your SC1040 electronically or by mail.
  3. Payment Options: You can pay any taxes owed electronically, by check, or with a credit card.
  4. Additional Schedules: Depending on your tax situation, you may need to file additional schedules with your SC1040.

To access the current year's Form SC1040, click here.