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Steps During and After eFiling Your Tax Return

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In case you have not yet eFiled, follow these checkout steps. Once your return is e-filed, your status will be listed as Pending. The IRS will either accept or reject your return - not eFile.com. If Rejected, don't panic; there are instructions and tips on how to correct and re-efile your return for free. If Accepted, please check where your tax refund is - or how to pay for taxes. Throughout the different status changes, the eFile.com app will send you emails (check you spam folder if you don't see them in your inbox).
Checking your IRS Tax Refund or State Tax Refund Status requires that the respective organizations have Accepted your return. Sign back in to your eFile.com account and check your return status. If accepted, find out when your tax refund will arrive.
Your Refund Status after choosing Deduct Fee From Refund - DFFR
Did you select the Deduct Fee From Refund (DFFR) option? If you are not sure what that means, if your tax return was not free and you did not pay via credit card, then one of your options was to have your eFile.com tax preparation fees deducted via DFFR. To do this, eFile.com uses a process called e-Collect. The IRS will transfer your refund to EPS Financial - the eFile.com bank processor - and the portion of your fees will be deducted from your refund. Please check Point 3 above before you check here for your refund money.
What if you owe taxes and are not sure how to pay them? There are three main payment options: Direct Payment, ACH Transfer, and Installment Payments. Did you know that if you owe taxes, the tax penalties for not paying on time are less than the penalties for not filing on time? For more information on that, check out Point 7 below.
Don't panic, it's not the Titanic! Many times it's just a simple data entry mistake (e.g. SSN or date of birth). Sign back into your eFile.com account and see the instructions under the My Return page. Make the correction and re-efile for free. You can find a detailed list of possible rejection reasons and codes and how to make the corrections here.
Calculate your personal IRS penalties for not filing on time (if you owe taxes) or not paying on time. Generally, the penalties for not filing on time are higher than the penalties for not paying on time. Thus, file on time - a full tax return or a request for a tax extension - and pay as little or as much as you can.
Sign into eFile.com and check under My Account. There, you can download the PDF of your current return or the previous three tax years (assuming you e-filed them with eFile.com). The PDF will be in the state of the latest action you took before you signed out: complete, incomplete, e-filed, pending, etc. Learn more about how to obtain a transcript or copy of your current or previous year tax return.
If you need to correct an IRS Tax Return that you previously e-filed via eFile.com, you can complete a tax amendment - Form 1040-X - for free on eFile.com. The amendment cannot currently be electrically filed; you can fill it out on the eFile app before you download, print, sign, and mail it to the IRS (the address is listed on the Form 1040-X). Find out how to file state tax amendments for your respective state(s).
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