How to Add Healthcare to Your Taxes

In most cases, Forms 1095-B and 1095-C are informational and do not need to be added to your return. If you receive a 1095-A for Marketplace healthcare, you will need to add this to your return. Below are simple instructions on adding your form and some tips within your eFile account.

1095-A Steps, Help

Add your details and forms
eFile will walk you through adding all your forms - select the prompt when you first sign in to enter all your identifying data, then proceed through all sections. Add your W-2, 1099 forms, 1098 forms, and other details as needed.
Health Care section
You will reach the Healt Care tab after Deductions & Credits. Here, select "Yes" if you have a 1095-A - otherwise, select "No" as this section is only for Form 1095-A - and begin entering the information from your 1095-A. Be sure to enter the marketplace identifier, policy information, and the dates you were covered all reported on your form. If you have full-year coverage, you can enter "1/1/20XX" as the start date and "12/31/20XX" as the end date where "XX" is the current tax year.
Entries, details
Select who was covered by this specific policy (yourself, your spouse, and dependents) - if someone on your return was covered by a different policy, you can add another 1095-A after completing this one.
The next question asks if this was full-year coverage (Yes) or if it was only for part of the year (No). If entering coverage for the full year, enter the totals for columns A-C as reported on your form. If entering coverage by month for part of the year, enter each month for A, B, and C for all months that are applicable. You can then enter the total and then save your form. Answer a couple more questions and then you are done adding your 1095-A.
Note: your annual totals must match the total of your monthly costs. Review all entries based on your form and be sure it is all accurate.

If you have further questions in adding your one or multiple 1095-A forms, start with our 1095-A page - for specific help, contact us for free assistance.