How to Add Form 8862 to My Return

How do I add Form 8862 to file taxes after credit disallowance in prior year?

If you e-filed your return and it was rejected by the IRS - not - due to disallowance of a tax credit in a previous year, follow the instructions below.

The links will provide you with instructions to re-file your returns, but you can also follow these simple steps:

1. Sign in to
2. Add Certain Credit
Select the green button to add information to claim a certain credit after disallowance. This will bring you to the needed form for your situation based on the IRS' rejection.
3. Credit Information
Fill in the applicable credit information (Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit, etc.). Select the credit(s) in Part 1, then answer all applicable questions to generate the form.
4. Form 8862
Save the form; when you review your return, the Form 8862 will now be included with your return.

How to Add Form 8862 - Click File Button to eFile Your Return

5. eFile Your Tax Return
Select File and re-file your return by following these checkout instructions. Be sure that you go through all of the prompts to re-send the return.
6. Need Help?
If you have any questions or concerns as you go through the process, contact us for further instructions.