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2022 Tax Returns were due by April 18, 2023 and after October 16, 2023 they can no longer be e-filed. After October, 2022 tax returns can only be filed by paper. You can prepare and file your 2022 Taxes via paper forms and with the assistance of tax calculators.

If you expect a 2022 Tax Refund you have until April 2026 to file your 2022 return and claim the refund; after that date your tax refund would expire forever.  If you owe 2022 taxes, you may face a late filing or late tax payment penalty.

Filing requirements are based on your income, age, dependency status, and any tax credits you may need to claim. The tool below is easy to use and will give you a fast answer if you need to file a 2022 return.

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If you have determined that you need to file or that it would be beneficial for you to file 2022 Taxes, find the forms and calculators here.  Click the link below to file the current tax year as the eFile platform handles all the complicated federal and state tax forms and makes all calculations for you based on your entries.

Estimate your 2022 tax return using with the free 2022 Tax Refund Calculator;  more 2022 Tax Calculators and tools.

Click below to prepare and e-file the current tax year IRS and state income taxes.

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