2022 Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

Tax Year 2022
Childcare Tax

This 2022 Child and Dependent Child Care Calculator tool will let you know if you qualify for this non-refundable federal tax credit for tax year 2022.

After October you can no longer e-file 2022 tax returns and only use paper forms to file your return.

If you paid someone to care for your child or dependent or an other qualifying relative so you and/or your spouse could work, look for work or go to school then you may be able to claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit.  Keep in mind, this tax credit is not the same as the Child Tax Credit.

The following criteria will determine if you qualify for the credit and this tool will guide you through them:

  • A: Qualifying Person
  • B: Earned Income
  • C: Work-Related Expense
  • D: Joint Return
  • E: Care Provider Identification

Child and Dependent Care Calculator  Learn more about this tax credit

2022 CAREucator
Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

Can You Claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit?

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Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit
Did you have earned income during the year? What is earned income?
Did you pay the expenses to allow you to work or look for work? What are expense payments?
Were your payments made to someone you or your spouse could claim as a dependent? Details
Were your payments made to your spouse or to the parent of your qualifying person who is your qualifying child and under age 13? Details
Were your payments made to your child who was under the age of 19 at the end of the year? Details
Are you single?
Are you filing a joint return? Details
Do you meet the requirements to be considered unmarried? Details
Do you know the care provider's name, address, and identifying number? Details?
Did you make a reasonable effort to get this information?
Did you have more than one qualifying person? Details?
Are you excluding or deducting at least $8,000 of dependent care benefits?
No, you can not claim the Dependent Care Credit for this person, worth up to $3,000 (one dependent) or up to $6,000 (two or more dependents).
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