e-Collect Bank Account Number

Where to find your bank account number on your tax return after you had selected e-collect as method of payment?
Important: The bank name is Pathward Bank; for tax year 2021 and prior, the bank name was Meta Bank.

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As an e-Collect taxpayer, there is no need to be concerned if you can't locate your bank information immediately on your tax return. Here are steps to locate your bank information and that of our partner bank who provides e-Collect.

1. Sign in to eFile.com
2. Click on My Account

Under My Account screen, click on the Tax Return PDF file.

My Account - eFile Screenshot

3. Your bank account number

On page 3 of the PDF or page 2 of your 1040, you will see the account number of our partner bank. Your bank account number is not here, it is on a later page.

Your bank account number - eFile Screenshot

4. Refund Disbursement Service Application page

Scroll through the PDF file and look for the Refund Disbursement Service Application page. There, you will see your bank information listed. The location in your PDF will depend on the length of your tax return.

Refund Disbursement Service Application page - eFile Screenshot

5. Account Transaction Summary page

Scroll to the Account Transaction Summary page in the PDF file. There, you will see the bank account number of our partner bank and your personal bank account number below. The bank will transfer the funds to your account once the IRS has released your tax refund.

Account Transaction - eFile Screenshot

Since you selected e-collect as your method of payment, your funds will be transferred from the IRS to Pathward Bank. From there, your refund will be deposited to your bank account.

Depending on the length of your tax return, you will find the e-collect outline often on page 16 (or before/after) and you will see your bank account number on page 25 (or before/after). There, you will see your bank account number and that of Pathward Bank.

Once your return is accepted, make sure you download the PDF of your return and keep it for your records.

Incorrect Bank Account Number for e-Collect

If your actual bank account number you entered on your e-Collect application is incorrect, then our partner EPS/Pathward Bank might automatically mail a refund check to the address on your tax return or require additional documents from the taxpayer for verification. If your bank and mailing address is incorrect or has changed, you will also have to provide additional documents.

Contact EPS/Pathward Bank here.