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2015 Tax Return Calculators, Tools

The tools below are for Tax Year 2015 only.

Here are the current Tax Year Calculators and Tools.

Prepare and eFile your current Tax Year Returns Taxes Made Simple Again!Tax Deadlines and Due Dates.

Find answers to important personal tax questions without having to read long and complicated tax documents. Estimate your 2015 income tax return now and find out what your federal tax refund will be or if you owe taxes. Not sure who qualifies as a dependent? Use the DEPENDucator tool below and you will find out. This tool also calculates the tax credits you qualify for.

Tax Year 2015 Calculators

2015 Calculator
Description, Results
Use this Calculator before you prepare and efile your taxes. Know your estimated Federal Tax Refund or if you owe the IRS Taxes.
Find out if you qualify for the 2015 Earned Income Tax Credit.
Do you need to file a 2015 Tax Return? This tool will help you answer this question.

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