IRS or State Tax Amendment Status

Once your IRS tax amendment has been completed and e-filed, monitor the tax amendment status via the instructions below. You can generally track your state tax amendment status through the state.

  • Attention: If you did not use to prepare and e-file your original current tax year tax return, you can NOT e-file your tax amendment via In that case, either use the app where you prepared and e-filed your tax return or prepare the 1040-X amendment paper form for free and mail it in. If you e-filed an IRS tax amendment via, you do not need to mail it in.
  • Important: Tax Amendment IRS acceptance delay as of February 15, 2024: If you have e-filed an IRS tax amendment for tax year 2023 and the IRS has not yet acknowledged the receipt or acceptance of it, do not worry as there have been delays at the IRS in accepting amendments in due time. Your e-filed tax return will not be impacted by this delay as it will be processed as normal, regardless of your intention to e-file a tax amendment. Even if your tax return results change (decrease or increase in taxes), you will not face any penalties or other negative consequences unless you file late. In the past, when tax amendments were filed by paper, it took up to 6-8 weeks for the IRS to acknowledge the receipt of the mailed in tax amendment.

Track Your IRS Tax Amendment

See below on how to monitor your IRS tax amendment status.

Action, Description
1. Sign In
After you have prepared and e-filed your IRS tax amendment via Sign to your account, then click on My Return in the upper left and monitor the tax amendment status on the right side page.
Important: If you did not use to e-file an IRS tax amendment, you will not see the IRS tax amendment status on the My Return page.
You can not e-file a state tax amendment via or anywhere else. Instead, follow these state tax amendment instructions.

You will see the e-filing status of the e-filed IRS tax amendment as shown below.

eFile Tax Amendment Status

2. IRS Tax Amendment Status
Once your tax amendment got accepted by the IRS, check your IRS tax amendment status here. In case the tax amendment got rejected by the IRS - not - you will receive an email to re-efile the amendment without additional charges. Find out why your IRS tax amendment might be delayed at the IRS.
3. IRS Tax Payment as a Result of the Tax Amendment
If you owe taxes as the result of the tax amendment, we recommend you first e-file the tax amendment and not pay during the e-filing process. Once the tax amendment has been accepted, pay directly at the IRS site  at no charge. You do NOT need to mail in the form 1040-X if you e-filed the form. If you created the 1040-X tax amendment on paper, include a check with the tax amendment and mail it to the IRS mailing address for your tax amendment.
Tip: In case you owe taxes, file the tax amendment even if you can not pay taxes due at this time, as you would not face potential late filing penalties which are generally higher than late payment penalties. Other tax payment options are listed here.
4. State Tax Amendment(s)
The state tax amendment status report will vary from state to state. The state tax amendment pages have information and instructions about the: state income tax amendment status by state.
5. View, Download IRS PDF 1040-X
Sign in to your account and click on My Account. There, you will find a copy of the completed tax amendment form.
eFile Tax Amendment