Michigan Income Tax Return Instructions

How To?
A: Access MI Forms
Step 1: Sign in to eFile.com
Step 2: Click on State Taxes on the left menu.
On the right page, select I'd like to see the forms I've filled out or search for a form.
Step 3: Scroll to the MI State Forms drop-down and select the right down arrow.
Step 4: Click the form in question and review, edit the entries and save.
or Step 5: Use the MI search box to search for other forms or click on the links below the search box.
Step 6: Click on Add Form next to the form name, complete, save and continue.
B: MI State Tax Amendment
You can prepare an Michigan Tax Amendment for the current tax year here on eFile.com; the amendment can not be e-filed. After you have prepared the amendment, download the PDF from your My Account, check the box and mail in the form.
C: Tax Refund Status
D: Pension Schedule
E: MI Tax Filing Instructions

File your MI return together with your IRS return so you do not have to fill in complicated forms or mail them in.

MI Homestead Tax Credit

Michigan offers a property tax credit which acts as a state tax refund you can claim if you own a home. You can add this information by clicking State Taxes > I'd like to see the forms... > Dropdown arrow > under the Credits link, add the Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim form(s) and enter your information to generate the 1040CR and CR2.

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