Illinois Income Tax Payments, Mailing Addresses

You can select one of these payment options either after you have e-filed or filed your current tax year Illinois Tax Return. Alternatively, you can pay IL income tax here prior to filing (e.g with an extension). Plus, you can make online Illinois tax estimated payments for next tax year. If you eFiled your taxes and pay online, you don't have to mail any IL forms (e.g. tax return, extension, or tax estimated form).

Illinois State Tax Payment Options

Payment Type
Additional Information
Create an account with MyTax Illinois to submit your payment directly to the state tax agency now (or click the "Make an Individual Income Tax Payment" button on the account creation screen to submit a payment without creating an account). If you already have an account, log into your account to view the status of your payment, cancel a payment, or schedule a future payment
Check the status of your direct payment
This is a free option if you want to pay your taxes owed via checking or savings account.
Submit a tax payment via the Link2Gov site, the Official Payments site, or the PayILTax site. When you're on the Link2Gov site, click the "Form IL 1040", "Form IL 1040ES" or "Form IL 505-I" link to submit a payment for an individual tax return, estimated taxes, or an extension. If you're paying on the Official Payments site, follow the on-screen prompts to enter and submit your current year payment information (or go here to submit a prior-year IL tax payment or go here to submit estimated IL tax payments). On the PayILTax site, click the "Make a Payment" button and follow all the on-screen prompts to submit your payment.
Use this payment option if you want to submit your tax payment via your credit card. Be aware that you may also need to pay an additional convenience fee.
Either complete IL installment Form CPP-1, Installment Payment Plan Request, or Form EG-13-I, Financial and Other Information Statements for Individuals (if you owe over $5,000, including interest and penalties).
Use this payment option if you cannot pay your tax bill and want to get on a payment plan.
Check or Money Order
On your check or money order, write your Social Security Number (or Numbers if you're Married Filing Jointly). Include a copy of your bill or notice with your payment. Mail the payment to the IL mailing address with payment below.
Use this payment option if you prefer to submit your payment via check, money order, or casher's check in the mail.
Estimated Tax Payment Options
Choose one of these options: 1) Create an account with MyTax Illinois to submit your estimated payment (or if you already have an account, sign into your account).
2) Submit your estimated tax payment via the Link2Gov site, the Official Payments site, or the PayILtax site.
3) Complete estimated payment voucher Form IL-1040-ES. Include your check or your money order with the voucher payable to "Illinois Department of Revenue". Mail the voucher and check/money order to the Form IL-1040-ES mailing address here.
Use one of these payment options if you want to submit estimated tax payments rather than submit all the taxes you owe at one time.
You can use these online federal tax payment options before or after your e-File your Income Tax Returns. In addition, you can pay tax extension and tax estimated payments. For estimated payments, you do not have to submit a form. Extension you can eFile on for free.
These payment options are independent from preparing and eFiling your tax return on offers these payment options for the convenience for all tax payers.

Illinois Tax Return Mailing Addresses

Addresses to mail Illinois Income Tax Returns, Amendments, Extensions, or Tax Payments.

Return Type
IL Tax Return: Address if you expect a Tax Refund or Don't Owe Taxes on your Tax Return
Illinois Department of Revenue
PO Box 19041
Springfield, IL 62794-9041
IL Tax Return or Extension: Address if you owe Taxes and include payment. Tip: Make Tax Payments online and you will not have to mail any payments. See above.
Illinois Department of Revenue
PO Box 19027
Springfield, IL 62794-9027
IL Tax Amendment: Address for mailing an amended IL Tax Return
Illinois Department of Revenue
PO Box 19047
Springfield, IL 62794-9047
IL Estimated Tax Payments: include Form IL-1040-ES
Illinois Department of Revenue
Springfield, IL 62736-0001

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