Tax Calculators for 2016

You can no longer e-File a 2016 Federal or State Tax Return. Instructions and calculators for 2016 IRS or State Tax Returns are outlined below. You also can no longer claim your 2017 Tax Refund from your 2016 Return.

Tax Year

Prepare and e-File your current year taxes by Tax Day. If you miss this deadline, you have until October following the April deadline to e-File your return. However, if you owe taxes and did not e-File an extension by Tax Day, late filing penalties might apply in addition to late payment penalties. You are able to claim a refund three years after a given Tax Day for that tax year.

Below, find 2016 calculators for use for amended tax returns and informational purposes. Find current tax year calculators here. Find forms to manually prepare and mail in your 2016 return or previous tax returns here.

2016 Tax Calculators

Description, Results
Complete, sign the Forms online and then download, print and mail them to the IRS.
Tax Calculators for Back Taxes and previous Tax Years.
Complete, sign the Back Taxes Forms online and then download, print and mail them to the IRS.
File overdue Tax Returns as soon as possible as late filing penalties are higher than late tax payment penalties.

Tax Forms, Schedules and Tools Back Taxes

Below, find forms, schedules, and calculators organized by year. The current year Tax Tools can be found at the beginning of the table.

Tax Year

Calculators for Current Taxes

Find these free calculators courtesy of for your current tax return. Learn which of your relatives or children qualify as dependents, how much of your income to withhold, or what filing status to choose.

Start Federal and State Tax Returns

Prepare to prepare with this helpful checklist and get the most out of your tax refund with