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Adjust Your W-4 Form(s)

W-4 Basic Taxometer

The W-4 Adjust tool is tailored for taxpayers to adjust their W-4 during 2021 or 2022 based on their 2020 Tax Return results. This tool combines W-4 calculations with the creation of the W-4 PDF form. If you do not need any calculations, use the W-4 Basic tool to create your W-4.

Help With Form W-4

We sympathize with you: If you think that completing a W-4 Form is worse than a dental root canal procedure, we totally get IT! Unfortunately, we do not do root canals, only W-4 forms and individual income tax returns. For your information, the way the W-4 form is designed does not give you any information on the implications it has on your next tax return. Thus, we at eFile.com have added this via the W-4 Adjust tool; we provide you with the actual tax withholding amount. If you do not want to or include this, simply use the W-4 Basic as it is a straight online tool to just fill out the W-4 without any calculations like most other tools are on the Internet.

Note: We suggest you only use 2020 Tax Return data or only 2021 or 2022 Tax Return estimates. Contact an eFile.com Taxpert® if you have questions about your W-4 as this is the most important form for you to manage your tax return goals.

  • The best time to adjust a W-4 is early in a given year as you can distribute the tax withholding throughout the year.
  • This tool factors in the when you adjust a W-4 during the year and the tax withholding results will be based on the remaining time until December 31.
  • All you need is the Form 1040 of your 2020 Tax Return or your 2021 or 2022 Tax Return income estimates. Your latest submitted W-4 Form for the given job is also helpful so you can compare your new form with the previous W-4 form. 

Your information will not be stored and is only used to create the W-4.

Adjust and Create Your W-4