IRS Tax Return Rejection Code IND-905

Problem: The IRSnot eFile.comhas rejected your return and you are required to make a correction.

Solution: Please sign in to your account now and click on My Return in the upper left and review the IRS message on the right.

1. Sign in:

2. Click on Name & Address and the left and verify the Social Security Number (SSN) on the right side. The Primary SSN in the Return Header has been systemically locked because the IRS does not accept a replaced SSN as valid for tax filing.

3. Verify the primary taxpayer SSN and then click on Federal Taxes—Dependents on the left side and verify the SSN of your dependent(s).

If all SSNs are correct, then you should print and mail your return. Your return is in your My Account for you to download. You should also contact the IRS about this.

Please go to your My Account and download, print, sign and mail in your returns.

Here are the mailing addresses:

If you think you are the only person qualified to claim the dependent, please follow these instructions here:

If you have questions, please contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you with your Tax Return.