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Be Aware: File the Right Tax Return!

Very important consideration when selecting a tax return while under financial pressure:  Read this first before you might create your own Tax Return Crisis during the COVID-19 Crisis. Please stay calm and read on.

Important 2019 Tax Return Update
Simple, Non-Filer, Stimulus, or Economic Impact Return Type

There is a misconception that a Non-Filer, Stimulus, or Simple Tax Return is required by every taxpayer to receive a Stimulus Check. That is not so, as a regular 2019 Tax Return and/or 2018 return on file with the IRS is sufficient to receive the Economic Impact Payment.

You should ONLY prepare and eFile a Stimulus, Non-Filer, or Simple Tax Return if you had no or very low income during 2019. What do Social Security Income recipients need to file? If you received income from Forms W-2 or 1099, e.g. for Tax Year 2019, do not file a Stimulus, Non-Filer, or Simple Tax Return but a Regular 2019 Tax Return here on If you file a Stimulus, Simple, or Non-Filer Tax Return by mistake, you will no longer be able to eFile or electronically file a Regular 2019 Tax Return later, as you will have to amend your Simple, Non-filer, or Stimulus Tax Return via a tax amendment. If you are not sure if you need to file a Regular 2019 Tax Return, please visit the FILEucator tool, as you will quickly learn if you should file a regular tax return. Should you owe taxes based on your Regular Tax Return, but do not have the funds now, prepare and eFile Now - late filing penalties are higher than late payment penalties - and consider postponing your tax payment until July 15, 2020. Ways to pay for taxes.

Attention: If you have already e-Filed a Simple, Stimulus, or Non-Filer Return elsewhere and it was accepted by the IRS, there is no need to prepare and eFile another 2019 Simple, Non-Filer, or Stimulus Tax Return here on, as it would get rejected by the IRS. Learn here on how to amend or change your Simple, Stimulus, or Non-Filer to a Regular 2019 IRS Tax Return.

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