Report IRA Contributions on Your Tax Return - Form 5498

Did you receive IRA contributions via Form 5498 by January 31 and wonder how to enter this form on your tax return?

If you have IRA contributions to add to your return in order to reduce your taxes, you can do this manually by adding your contribution to your eFile account. This should only be done for contributions that were not already reported on your W-2.

Follow these steps on how to enter and report this income on your tax return on

1. Sign in to
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2. How to enter IRA contributions?
Click on Help in the top section and enter IRA in the search box. Then scroll through the list of forms and click on the IRA contribution option you need and click on Add form. If you made IRA contributions that you paid with after-tax dollars and thus want to deduct your contribution, you can add the Traditional IRA contributions worksheet or the IRA Contribution Adjustment.
See the details below.

IRA 5498

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