How to enter the IP-PIN For A Dependent -  IND-996

Did the IRS reject your return due to a miss-matching IP-PIN, or do you just need to find out how to enter this IP-PIN on your tax return?

  • If you already have an IP-PIN for your DEPENDENT(s), follow these instructions on how to enter an IP-PIN for a DEPENDENT.
  • If you need a new or replacement IP-PIN, then get the IP-PIN and follow these instructions on how to enter the IP-PIN for the Dependent.
  • If your personal or spouse's IP-PIN gets rejected, you can also get a new IP-PIN. Then enter the IP-PIN during the checkout and e-Filing process.

Dependent IP-PIN Solution: Sign in to and then click on Federal Taxes on the left.

  1. Click on Dependents below, and on the right, click on the dependent(s) name.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the form and select this link: I'd like to see the advanced options for this dependent.
  3. Select This dependent has an Identity Protection PIN.
  4. Enter the IP-PIN in the field; see the screenshot below for further details.

IP-PIN Dependent

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