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When Do I Need to File My Tennessee Tax Amendment?

Your Tennessee tax amendment should be filed within 3 years of the filing deadline for the original tax return, or 2 years from the time when tax was paid (whichever is later).

How Do I Correct My Accepted Tennessee Tax Return or File a Tax Amendment in Tennessee?

If there have been changes made in either your state or federal previously filed tax return, either by the IRS during an audit or by you to correct an error, then you must file a tax amendment form. Here's how: 

  1. Download and fill out Form INC 250.
  2. Print out the form and mail it to: Tennessee Department of Revenue, Andrew Jackson State Office Building, 500 Deaderick Street, Nashville, TN 37242.

Tennessee Tax Amendment Forms (Download, Complete, Print Out, and Mail)

Fill out Form INC-250, making sure to specify that this is an amended tax return.

Form (Tax Year) Description
Form INC 250 (2018) Tennessee Individual Income Tax Return
Form INC 250 (2017) Tennessee Individual Income Tax Return
Form INC 250 (2016) Tennessee Individual Income Tax Return
Form INC 250 (2015) Tennessee Individual Income Tax Return

How Do I Check My Amended Tennessee Tax Return Status?

You can call the Tennessee Department of Revenue at (800) 342-1003.

What Are the Penalties, Interest, and Fees Related to Tennessee Tax Amendments?

The state of Tennessee may impose a number of penalties, including delinquent tax penalty. A delinquent tax penalty is imposed when the taxpayer fails to pay the tax due by the deadline and is 5% per month but can't exceed 25% of the total tax due, and has to be a minimum of $15.

Where Do I Mail My Amended Tennessee Tax Return? - Tennessee Mailing Address:

Tennessee Department of Revenue
Andrew Jackson State Office Building
500 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37242

Tennessee Department of Revenue Phone Number: (800) 342-1003

Tennessee Department of Revenue

Where Do I Learn More About Tennessee State Income Taxes?

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