Tax Year 2019 Forms, Calculators

As you can no longer e-File 2019 return, here are the resources for prepare 2019 Tax Returns. From Tax Calculators, Tools and Tax Forms.

Plan your 2019 Tax Return now with the Tax Year 2019 calculator. Find out who qualifies as a dependent, estimate your return, and mail it in.

The 2019 Calculator Help You Complete Your 2019 IRS Paper Tax Forms. Load and Complete the Forms Before You Mail Them to the IRS.

2019 Tax Forms courtesy of - open the forms in the online editor. Complete, sign, and mail your 2019 return to the IRS - FileIT Now.

Do I need to file a past due tax return? Find out if you need to prepare taxes for Tax Year 2019 with this free calculator. Free tax help here.

Who qualifies as a dependent on your 2019 Tax Return? Use this Calculator to find out now. It's easy and free to use here on

Income Tax Brackets for 2019 can be used to calculate your personal income tax rate for 2019. Use this tax calculator to help plan for 2019 tax.

Select the Head of Household Filing Status over Single for your 2019 Tax Return. Find out if you qualify with this free and simple tax tool.

A Qualifying Relative is similar to a Dependent. Find out here how a boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. might be a Qualifying Relative of yours.

Earned Income Tax Credit For 2019; use this Tax Calculator to Determine if you qualify for the EIC in 2019. Prepare, Sign, Mail your 2019 Forms.

The Child or Dependent Care Tax Credit for 2019. Use this simple tax calculator to find out if you qualify for these tax savings - prepare taxes.

The Child Tax Credit or CTC may reduce your taxes on your 2019 return. Find out if you qualify using this free tax tool courtesy of

IRS Mailing Addresses for 2019 Federal Tax Returns. Links for state returns are listed on our states page. Mailing address for tax amendments.