Where Is Your Alabama Refund Money?

What Is My
State of Alabama
Tax Refund Status?

Do you still need to prepare and e-file your Alabama taxes or are you just checking where your Alabama tax refund is?

Before you check your refund status, make sure your return has been filed or e-filed and accepted by the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Step 1: If you prepared and e-filed your Alabama state tax return on eFile.com, sign in to your eFile.com account and check your Alabama filing status by clicking on My Return in the upper left menu - see image below. Note: If you filed your Alabama tax return via paper or e-filed through another website, check there first if the return got accepted or not.

In your eFile.com account click on My Return and then check your eFile status on the right
Filing Your Return


Step 2: Once your Alabama Tax Return got accepted, check your status:

Alabama Tax Refund Status

Step 3: Check your IRS tax refun status here.

Optional: Check the tax refund status for other states here.