IN Tax Return Rejection Code RHS-002-02

Problem: The Indiana Department of Revenue is asking you to make a correction and on your IN Tax Return.

Solution: Please sign in to your account now and click on State Taxes in the upper left and review the IRS message on the right.

1. Sign in:

2. Click on State Taxes on the left and click on I'd like to see the forms I've filled out on the right. Select Indiana and review the forms/page you have added.  

The Indiana message provided was: The Timestamp field in the Return Header State must contain the postmark date of the return. Indiana expects this element to contain the date and time of the tax return's transmission to the IRS. This date cannot be in the future.

Please make this correction and re-efile your Indiana return at no charge. If needed, contact the IN Dep. Taxation about this issue: IN Dep. of Revenue

If you have questions, please contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you with your Tax Return.