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IRS Tax Return Rejection Code R0000-679-01

Problem: The AGI - Adjusted Gross Income - you entered on your Tax Return or Extension doesn't match IRS AGI records.

Solution: Sign into your eFile.com account at https://mytaxes.efile.com/1040/SignIn/, enter your correct AGI as listed on your last year's Tax Return, and re-efile your return at no extra charge. Visit https://www.efile.com/adjusted-gross-income-or-agi/  to find your previous AGI. You an also get a tax transcript with the previous year AGI here: https://www.efile.com/transcripts/

If you keep getting rejected even if your AGI is entered correctly, then sign in to your account and click on "My Account" There download and the print, sign and mail in your tax return or tax extension  to the IRS and get it postmarked before Tax Day as the AGI is not required for verification on paper returns.

Mailing address for returns is here: https://www.efile.com/where-to-mail-tax-return-form-irs-mailing-address-for-refund/

Mailing address for the tax extension form 4686 is on the form: https://www.efile.com/tax-service/pdf/0005.pdf

Contact us here for further assistance on this.