OK Tax Return Rejection Code R0000-008

Problem: The Oklahoma Tax Commission stated that a return with your Social Security Number (SSN) has already been filed.

Solution: Please sign in to your eFile.com account now and click on State Taxes in the upper left and review the IRS message on the right.

1. Sign in: https://mytaxes.efile.com/1040/SignIn/

2. Click on Name & Address on the left and review the page on the right and very you  I'd Social Security Number(s).  

The OK message provided was: The Social Security Number you gave us has been previously accepted by Oklahoma on another return. Double check your SSN and correct it if needed. Otherwise, you will need to print and mail your return to the state.

Contact the OK tax commission about this issue:  https://oklahoma.gov/tax/contact.html 

If you have questions, please contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you with your Tax Return.