IRS Tax Return Rejection Code FPYMT-050-01

Problem: The IRS - not - has rejected your return and you are required to make a correction.

Solution: Please sign in to your account now and click on My Return in the upper left and review the IRS message on the right.

1. Sign in:

2. The indicated Requested Tax Payment Date must be on or before the due date, but not more than 5 days prior to the received date, unless Form 4868 Line 8 checkbox or Line 9 checkbox are checked. Please change the quested payment date during check out or alternatively, select Not to pay your taxes with your tax return but do e-File your taxes first and then pay online here at the IRS website for free:  -  In order to pay you do NOT need to open an IRS account, just use the links below to pay via direct deposit or credit card.  You do not need to mail in the voucher. Any current year tax estimates can also be paid there.

State online tax payments:

Otherwise make correction and re-eFile at no charge.

Create your IRS account later so you can monitor your returns there. Also make sure you download your returns from your My Account.

If you have questions, please contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you with your Tax Return.