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IRS Tax Return Rejection Code F540/NR/2EZ-320

Problem: The IRS has rejected your return - not - because the primary SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) - has already been used on antoher tax return filed with the IRS. If applicable, this might also apply to your state tax return.

Solution: Let us help you turn this into an IRS acceptance. Sign into your account:, and click Name and Address on the left side menu. Scroll down and make the necessary correction of updating your and/or Dependent's SSN or TIN. Save the changes, click Continue and follow the screen instruction to re-efile your federal and state returns for free. You can do this as often as it takes to get accepted. However, should you have entered your SSN and/or TIN correctly and you keep getting rejected for any reasons, PRINT your return(s) - IRS and State(s) - and MAIL it in on time. After that, contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 and/or State and discuss your tax return in more detail. If the IRS does not accept your return, because a return under your SSN has been accepted by the IRS ask yourself if you have already filed elsewhere or if you have data security concerns please visit: .

If you have already filed a return and are trying to change or correct it, please visit

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