IRS Tax Return Rejection Code F4868-001-02

The IRS - not - has rejected your return extension and you are required to make a correction.

Solution: Please sign in to your account now and click on My Return in the upper left and review the IRS message on the right.

1. Sign in:

Click through the menu and review your tax return extension. You have until April 15 or a few day grace period to make the correction. If you owe taxes, please make sure you file an extension or return by the deadline.  You can also make tax payments online at and pay your taxes as a substitute for the tax extension. If you don't owe taxes or expect a refund a tax extension is not needed as there are no late filing penalties in that case.

Learn more here about the tax deadline:

If you have questions, please contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you with your Tax Return.