Form 500X (2023): Georgia Amended Individual Income Tax Return

The Georgia Form 500X is used to amend a previously filed GA individual income tax return. This means you can use it to correct errors, report additional income or deductions, or make any other necessary changes to your original return.

Who needs to file Form 500X?

You may need to file Form 500X if:

  • You discover an error on your original return after filing it.
  • You receive new information that affects your tax liability, such as an amended W-2 form.
  • The IRS amends your federal return and it impacts your Georgia tax.

How to file Form 500X?

  • Download the appropriate form for the tax year you are amending.
  • Complete the form carefully, following the instructions provided.
  • Attach any supporting documentation to your return, such as new W-2s, 1099s, or other relevant documents.
  • Mail the completed form and any attachments to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Important Notes To Remember About Form 500X:

  • You can amend your Georgia return for three years from the original due date (including extensions) of the return you are amending.
  • There are penalties and interest charges for late filing or underpayment of taxes.
  • You cannot electronically file Form 500X.

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