Minnesota Income Tax Payments, Mailing Addresses

You can select one of these payment options either after you have e-filed or filed your 2023 Minnesota Tax Return. Alternatively, you can pay Minnesota income taxes here prior to filing (e.g in the case of an extension). Plus, you can make online Minnesota tax estimate payments for next tax year. If you eFiled your taxes and pay online, you do not have to send in Minnesota paper forms (e.g. payer tax return, extension form, or tax estimate form).

Minnesota State Tax Payment Options

Payment Type
Additional Information
Go to e-Services Payment System to submit your payment. Make sure to follow the on-screen prompts and choose "Individual Income Tax" as the tax type.
This is a free option if you want to pay your taxes owed via your bank account.
Submit a tax payment through the state tax agency's payMNtax site. When you're on the site, choose the correct "payment category", "payment series", and follow the on-screen prompts to enter and submit your information (e.g. SSN, Tax Year, Form Type, Filing Status).
Use this payment option if you want to pay your tax payment via your credit or debit card. There is an additional service fee added to each payment you submit with your card.
Check or Money Order with Online Voucher Form
Complete Online Voucher Form and attach it to your check or money order. Mail them to the address shown after completing the form online.
Use this payment option if you wish to submit your payment via check or money order in the mail.
Estimated Tax Payment Options
Choose one of these options: 1) Go to MN e-Services Payment System to submit your estimated payment. You can schedule all 4 of your quarterly payments in advance or pay it all at once. 2) Pay via credit or debit card through payMNtax (choose the "Individual Income Tax Estimate" option). Be aware that a service fee is added to each payment you submit with your card. 3) Complete an Online Voucher. Attach a check or money order for the tax period payable to "Minnesota Revenue". Write your last four Social Security numbers on the check or money order memo. Mail the voucher and check/money to the address shown after competing the voucher form.
Use one of these payment options if you want to submit estimated taxes rather than submit all your taxes owed at once.
Many of these online IRS tax payment options can be used before or after you e-Filed your Income Taxes. You can pay tax extension and tax estimate payments. For estimate payments, you do not have to submit a form. Extension you can eFile on eFile.com for free.
These payment options are independent from you preparing and eFiling your tax returns on eFile.com. eFile.com offers these payment options for the convenience of all tax payers.

Minnesota Tax Return Mailing Addresses

Minnesota addresses to mail Tax Returns, Amendments, Extensions, or Tax Payments.

Return Type
MN Tax Return:
Minnesota Individual Income Tax
St. Paul, MN 55145-0010
MN Amended Tax Return:
Minnesota Amended Individual Income Tax
Mail Station 1060
St. Paul, MN 55145-1060

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