Stimulus Payment Status - 2021 and 2022 Returns

Did my stimulus check go somewhere else? What if it went to a closed bank account?
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The information below is for 2020 and 2021 Returns as the IRS is no longer issuing stimulus payments. Claim the tax credits by filing a return for the respective tax year: how to claim the federal stimulus checks you did not receive.

Per IRS release from Jan. 10, 2021, if you have not received the second stimulus payment:

If a taxpayer bank account was closed: The IRS should have reissued stimulus payments for taxpayers who did not receive the Economic Impact Payment. The payments were sent via paper check by the end of January.

If a taxpayer used refund loans/bank products, such as e-Collect via tax preparation providers in 2020 like, H&R Block® vs. TurboTax®, etc.: The IRS should have issued these payments via paper checks or by direct deposit. Attention: Only the IRS was in possession of these funds, not, H&R Block®, TurboTax®, or e-Collect.

In collaboration with e-Collect, we have done everything we can to impress upon the IRS the importance of this matter.

There is no longer a way to check your stimulus payment status as the IRS is no longer issuing them.

Attention: If for any reason, you did not receive your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd stimulus payment, follow these instructions to claim the payment(s) via your 2020 or 2021 Return as Recovery Rebate Credit.

We also encourage you to create your own IRS account where you can access tax transcripts, make payments, etc.