HSA Distributions, Contributions

How to enter HSA contributions are reported via Form 5498-SA and HSA distributions reported via Form 1099-SA. Learn how to add these on your eFile.com tax return.

1. Sign up/sign in to eFile.com

Step 1: Sign up to eFile.com, If you do not already have an account.

Step 2: Sign in to eFile.com

2. Health Savings Account

Step 1: Have your Forms 5498-SA and or 1099-SA and/or W-2 ready.
Step 2: Click on Help in the upper right and enter Health Savings Account in the search box below and click on Add Form

Health Savings Contributions, Distributions

3. HSA Entry Screen

Step 3: Enter the distribution and/or contributions amounts and answer all other questions.

Health Savings Contributions, Distributions Screen

See what to do with Form 5498 or 5498-A.