Tax Forms. Tax Return History and Statistics

What Was the First Tax? See How Tax History Evolved in the United States and How it Compares to Other Countries and the U.S. Tax Code Today.

e-Filing Statistics in Detail. Direct Bank Deposit Is the Preferred Choice for Tax Refunds. Detailed Filing Statistics for Returns, Refunds.

The Tax History of Electronic Filing Income Taxes In the United States. Prepare and e-File Your Taxes Now on - Affordable and Simple.

The Tax Form 1040 Based On Tax Year Since 1913. Compare How Form 1040 Has Evolved From the Beginning Until the Most Recent Tax Year.

U.S. Presidents'''' Personal Income Tax Returns from Biden to Roosevelt; Most Presidents Released Their Returns as Public Information.

Are U.S. Federal Income Taxes Constitutional? Historical Tax Debate; Read Arguments Against Taxation in the United States and IRS Responses.

Unusual Tax Deductions and Credits; Find Out If You Qualify for Them. See Historical Tax Cases with Weird or Interesting Tax Rules or Code.

Strange, Sometimes Humorous Taxes from the U.S. and Around the World. See Ancient Taxes that no Longer Exist and Some that Are Used Now.

Statistics on IRS Income Tax Returns and Tax Forms. See Real Tax Data and Compare Total Forms with the Number of e-Filed Forms in Tax History.