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Tax Data and Site Security Measures On eFile.com. Review Various e-File Related Network and Information Security Programs on eFile.com.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection on eFile.com. Review This Detailed Overview on existing Privacy Policies and Laws. Taxes Made Simple.

Watch Out For Fake IRS Tax Email Scams And Data Phishing Schemes. Protect Personal Data, SSN, W-2, Bank Account And Other Information. Report Fraud As Soon As Possible.

Tax Returns and Identity Theft Can Have Multiple Reasons. Take These Steps to Prevent Identity Theft or To Report it to the IRS.

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Get Your IP-PIN online and Register Your IRS Account to Make Tax Payments, Access Tax Returns, Get Adjusted Gross Income via Transcript.

Letter 5017C From The IRS and Online and Phone Based Steps To Follow To Verify Your Identify. Letters 5747C, 5447C and 4883C Are Similar.

Did You Receive a Notice CP12, CP-12 or Letter From the IRS About a Tax Return Correction? For example Due to the Recovery Rebate Credit?

The User Agreement for eFile.com to Prepare and e-File IRS and State Income Tax Returns Online for Tax Season 2020.

Tax Identity Theft Prevention and What To Do if Your Identity Was Stolen. File the Form 14039 If Required and Mail In Your Return.