Tax Forms, Schedules

A list of IRS and State Tax Forms by Tax Year. Click on the link and the form will open in the online DocuClix PDF Editor.

Federal Income Tax Forms and Schedules you Can eFile Now on when You Prepare your 2023 Tax Returns. 1040, Schedule 1, and More.

View Tax Forms, Schedules for the Current Tax Year You can e-File Now. Start Your Tax Return and the eFile Tax App Will Do the Work for You.

View Tax Forms and Documents you may be Issued by Your Employer or Other Financial Institution. See Which Forms to Report on Your Tax Return.

Schedules and Tax Forms for Past, Present, and Future Tax Years. e-File Your Taxes When They Are Due so You Do Not Have to Mail in Forms.

What Is Form 1099? There Are Many Types of 1099 Forms Issued by Businesses, Brokers, and Other Institutions. Learn How to Use them on Your Taxes.

Find Resources for Back Taxes to Send to the IRS and States. Use Calculators and Forms to Prepare and Mail Your Previous Year Tax Return.