Tax Forms, Schedules

A list of IRS and State Tax Forms by Tax Year.  Click on the link and the form will open in the online DocuClix PDF Editor.

2021 Federal Income Tax Forms and Schedules you can eFile Now on when you Prepare your 2021 Tax Returns. 1040, Schedule 1, etc.

Tax Forms, Schedules for Tax Year 2021 You can e-File Now. Start Your Tax Return and the eFile Tax App will Do the Work For You. No Math!

Tax Documents needed for a given tax year to prepare for a Tax Return. These Forms are not part of a tax return but Might be needed to File.

Schedules, Tax Forms for past, present, and future tax years. Currently, you can e-File the 2021 Tax Year until October, 2022 - Start Now.

Form 1099 and What You Should Do With this Form In Regards to Your Tax Return. Not Sure When You Need to Complete a Form 1099? Find Out.

Back Taxes For Previous Year Tax Returns 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 etc. The Tax forms and Calculators Are Listed by Tax Year. Contact A Taxpert