How to Claim a Dependent on a Tax Return?

All the links and tools needed to identify who might qualify as a Dependent or Qualifying Relative (Friends as well).

Claim a Person as a Dependent on Your Tax Return. Find Out with this Simple Dependent Calculator who Might Qualify or Not. Start Free Now.

The IRS Rules for Claiming a Dependent or Relative Are on this Page. Claim your Son, Daughter, Neice, Nephew, or Girl/Boyfriend on Your Taxes.

If You Provide Physical and Financial Care for Someone, They May Qualify as a Dependent on Your Return. Use this Free Tax Tool to Learn More.

What Are the Requirements for a Qualifying Child on Your Tax Return? Find out Who You Can Claim on Your Taxes with this Free Dependent Tool.

Qualifying Dependents on Your Tax Return Help Reduce Your Taxes through Credits and Deductions. Learn How to Claim a Dependent here.

File Your Taxes for the Child Tax Credit, Dependent Care Credit, and Other Dependent Tax Savings. Children on Your Return Can Save You Money!

Was Your Dependent Claimed by Your Ex-Spouse on Your IRS Return? e-File Early to Avoid It or Dispute this Claim With the Following Steps.

What to Do When Someone Wrongly Claimed Your Child or Dependent. See How to Mail Your Return and Alert the IRS of the Situation.

When a Dependent of Yours Should Prepare and File Their Own Tax Return Relates to their Income. Factor these Points into Your Decision.