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Tax Credits

A list of current Tax Credits. Many of the pages have easy to use tools that will help you determine if you qualify for a tax credit or will calculate the amount you might receive.

An Overview of 2020 Federal or IRS Tax Credits. Easy Steps To Find Out If You Qualify For Any Of These Tax Credits. Claim Them and Save Taxes or

The Child Tax Credit Applies to Families and Taxpayers with Children. Use the Child Tax Credit Calculator here for More Details.

Do You Qualify for The Child and Dependent Care Expense Credit? Use This Simple Calculator To Find Out. Child Care Tax Credit Overview.

Not Sure If You Qualify for the Child Tax Credit? Use the eFile.com KIDucator Tax Tool to Find Out If You Can Claim the Child Tax Credit on Your 2019 Return Due in 2020.

Credit for The Elderly or Disabled. Senior Tax Credit on Schedule R. Will You Qualify? Let eFile.com Do The Tax Math For You So You Can be Sure.

2021 Advanced Child Tax Credit Calculator Amount. Step by Step Instructions. Do You Qualify or How to Receive Advanced Payment in July

Student Tax Credits As The American Opportunity Credit or Lifetime Learning Credit are Tax Savers. See If You Qualify For These Education Credits Before You Prepare Your Taxes on eFile.com.

If You Purchased Health Insurance Through The Marketplace, You May Qualify For The Premium Tax Credit