How to Claim Qualifying Tax Credits

A list of current Tax Credits. Many of the pages have easy to use tools that will help you determine if you qualify for a tax credit or will calculate the amount you might receive.

See an Overview of Federal or IRS Tax Credits. Claim Refundable and Nonrefundable Credits on Your Return and Save Money on Taxes - Learn More.

The Child Tax Credit Applies to Families and Taxpayers with Children. Use the Child Tax Credit Calculator for Specific Details - Claim Your CTC.

Credit for the Elderly or Disabled and the Senior Tax Credit on Schedule R: Will You Qualify? Let Handle the Tax Forms for You.

The Adoption Tax Credit Is a Nonrefundable Tax Credit for Qualified Expenses for Adopting a Child. Do You Qualify for It on Your Tax Return?

The Saver''s Tax Credit Lets You Save Taxes on Contributions Made to a Retirement Plan. Get the Saver''s Credit on to Help You Save.

Student Tax Credits: the American Opportunity Credit or Lifetime Learning Credit are Tax Savers. See If You Qualify For These Education Credits.

The Premium Tax Credit Will Be Calculated Via the Tax App for Marketplace Care. Enter the 1095-A Data and Form 8962 Will Be Generated.