Two-Factor Authentication: 2FA

In addition to the default email address based account Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA method, optionally you can add 2FA via phone number or authenticator app.
  • Email Address as default two factor authentication
  • Phone Number as two-factor authentication (optional)
  • Authenticator App as two-factor authentication (optional)

During sign-up, you have the option to either select or skip two-factor authentication. You can also add two-factor authentication later from My Account after you sign up or sign in again.

Types of Two-factor authentication
A. Email Address

By default during account sign-up a 6-digit email verification code will be emailed to you. Copy and paste this code to the sign-up page - see image below - on the device your a using. Each time you delete cookies or change devices you will be prompted for a new code.

B. Phone Number

(Optional) Under My Account, select Set up using your phone number. After adding your phone number, you will receive a one-time code via text message; enter this to verify your phone and enable 2FA. Once this is done, you will be sent a code the same way the next time you sign into your account - you can elect to turn this feature off at any point.

C. Authenticator App

(Optional) Download this or any other Authenticator App and install it on your phone:

Step 1: After you have downloaded your phone app, click the "Set up using an app" button.

Step 2: Enter a name for this authentication setup.

Step 3: Scan the QR Code on this screen with your authentication app on your phone and enter the 6-digit code shown to you in the box at the bottom of this screen.

Security Measures