How enter Schedule K-1, K-3 Form 1065

How to enter Schedule K-1 Form 1065 on your tax return. Instructions on how to enter K-1 for Form 1120.

1. Sign in to
1.2. Federal Taxes -> Review

Click on Federal Taxes -> Review on the left green menu. Then on the right side page click on I'd like to see the forms I've filled out or search for a form. Here, you can review or edit forms you have entered, browse various forms by category, and search for a form. You can enter a form number or a key word for the form or schedule. For example, enter "K-1" to find where to report your K-1 and K-3 information. Click the "+ Add form" button to add a specific form manually.

Review - eFile Screenshot
Review - eFile Screenshot
How to enter Schedule K-3 as an extension for Form K-1. Click on the section range K-1 12-20 and then scroll to line item 16. K-3 is an extension of the K-1 schedule to report foreign transactions and activities on Form 1116 or foreign tax credit.
Review - eFile Screenshot