VPN, Network, and Browsers Settings

If you are accessing eFile.com from a foreign country, you may face connectivity issues due to security measures implemented on eFile.com to keep your data safe. Below, see instructions on how to install a VPN or virtual private network and configure your network or browser settings.

Virtual Private Network or VPN settings

If you are accessing the eFile Tax App - not the eFile website - from certain foreign countries or territories, you may need to use or install a VPN (virtual private network) on your device. Why is this? Certain foreign territories sometimes require certain website settings, but if you access the eFile Tax App from the United States, you would agree to use the site under U.S. requirements, thus the VPN can allow you to do this from a foreign country.

  • Here is a list of free and/or paid VPNs (eFile.com is not affiliated with any of these providers):
  • Here are Google Chrome browser VPN extensions:
  • Search YouTube on how to install a VPN based by publisher and or browser of your choice.

Disable VPN

After you have accessed the eFile Tax App, you can disable your VPN again if you wish.

Home Network Settings

If you cannot access the eFile Tax App or can't download your return, check if your network has virus detection software installed or a pop-up blocker. These tend to block downloads which need to be allowed when saving a copy of your tax return.

Additional Device-Related Resources