Form W-4 Tax Withholding

Fill out a new Form W-4 - Tax withholding form - when you either start a new job, or your personal life changes e.g. filing status, dependents or your overall financial situation changes e.g. additional job or income, additional deductions etc.

Watch the W-4 video and learn more about the importance of Form W4. has 2 free tools to create or calculate a W-4:

  • Fill out a W-4 Form Tool: Fill out a W-4 with step by step instructions. Then sign the form at the end and email the form to you, your employer (not the IRS) or download the PDF form.
  • Calculate or Estimate Form W-4: Use your paycheck or pay stub as the basis for a new W-4. Have your latest or estimated paycheck handy and use the Paycheck and W-4 Calculator tool. It will generate a W-4 based on the paycheck entered.

More Tax Withholding and Tax Estimate payment details in Publication 505.