Schedule PA-40 X (2023): Amended PA Personal Income Tax

Schedule PA-40X is a Pennsylvania Department of Revenue form used to file an amended personal income tax return for tax year 2023. It allows you to correct errors or omissions made on your original PA-40 tax return.

When to Use Schedule PA-40X?

  • You discovered errors or omissions in your original PA-40 return.
  • There have been changes in your income or deductions since filing the original return.
  • You need to claim additional tax credits you weren't aware of earlier.

What You Can't Use Schedule PA-40X For?

  • Corrections to returns filed within four months of the extended due date (original due date + extensions). In such cases, file a Petition for Refund (REV-65).
  • Amending returns older than three years from the original due date (including extensions). The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is not obligated to process such amendments.

What to Include on Schedule PA-40X?

  • Indicate the tax year you are amending (2023 in this case).
  • Explain the reason for filing the amended return in Section III of the schedule.
  • Attach all relevant documentation supporting the changes you are making.

How to File Schedule PA-40X?

Step 1: Download: Get Schedule PA-40X and its instructions attached below.

Step 2: Complete the Form: Fill out the schedule following the instructions, clearly stating the changes you're making.

Step 3: Attach to Amended PA-40: Attach the completed Schedule PA-40X to a new PA-40 form clearly marked "Amended Return."

Step 4: File Electronically or by Mail: Submit the amended return electronically through PA e-File or by mail to the address provided in the instructions.

To access the current year's Schedule PA-40X, click here.