IRS Publication 1494 (2023), Table on Levy Exemptions for Wages, Salaries 

The 2023 Federal Publication 1494 determines the amount of income exempt from wage garnishments, safeguarding a portion of individuals' earnings from being taken by creditors or legal orders. Here's what you need to know:

  • Exempt Amount: This is the money that can't be taken from your wages or salary.
  • Protection from Garnishment: It helps you understand how much of your income is safe from being taken by creditors.
  • Financial Planning: Knowing this helps you plan your finances better and protects your income from being used to pay off debts.
  • Employer Compliance: Employers must follow the rules in Publication 1494 when responding to legal orders for wage garnishments.

Remember, understanding Publication 1494 helps you protect your hard-earned money from unwanted surprises!

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