NJ-1040-V: New Jersey Gross Income Tax Resident Payment Voucher

The NJ-1040-V, also known as the Resident Income Tax Payment Voucher, is a form used by residents of New Jersey to submit payment for their state income taxes. It acts as a companion document to your NJ-1040 tax return, which details your income and deductions for the tax year.

What is the Purpose of the NJ-1040-V?

The primary purpose of the NJ-1040-V is to simplify the payment process for your New Jersey state income tax. It provides a clear and designated space to include your payment amount and essential information for proper allocation of your funds.

How to Submit Form NJ-1040-V?

Step 1: Detach the Voucher: Carefully separate the NJ-1040-V payment slip from the rest of your tax return booklet.

Step 2: Attach your Check or Money Order: Make your check or money order payable to "State of New Jersey – TGI." Write your Social Security number and the tax year (e.g., 2023) on the check itself. If filing jointly, write the Social Security number listed first on your NJ-1040 return.

Step 3: Mail Together: Enclose the completed NJ-1040-V voucher along with your check or money order and your completed NJ-1040 tax return in a single envelope. Send it to the following address: State of New Jersey Division of Taxation Revenue Processing Center PO Box 111 Trenton, NJ 08645-0111

Where do I mail the voucher and payment?

The current mailing address is: State of New Jersey Division of Taxation Revenue Processing Center PO Box 111 Trenton, NJ 08645-0111

Do I need to use the NJ-1040-V if I'm getting a refund?

No. The NJ-1040-V is only for payments. If you are expecting a refund from the state after filing your NJ-1040 return, you don't need to submit this voucher.

Can I pay electronically instead of using the voucher?

Yes. New Jersey offers various electronic payment options for your tax liability. You can pay directly through the state's online tax filing portal https://www.nj.gov/treasury/taxation/forms/efile.shtml using a credit or debit card (fees apply) or arrange for an e-check payment from your bank account.

What happens if I lose my NJ-1040-V voucher?

Don't worry. You can download a new copy of the voucher from the New Jersey Division of Taxation website or simply include a note with your payment specifying that you are a New Jersey resident filing an NJ-1040 return and include all the relevant information (name, SSN, tax year, and amount paid).