IA 1040X: Iowa Amended Iowa Individual Income Tax Return

The IA 1040X, also known as the IA Amendment or IA 1040X Amended Iowa Individual Income Tax Return, allows you to correct errors or omissions on a previously filed Iowa tax return. This can be for tax years prior to the current year or for the current tax year itself.

When to Use an IA 1040X?

  • You discover an error on your original return, such as incorrect income reported, missed deductions, or wrong calculations.
  • You receive additional income information after filing your original return (e.g., a late W-2).
  • The Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR) contacts you about a discrepancy on your return.

How to File an IA 1040X?

  • You can file electronically if your tax software supports it.
  • You can also file a paper return by completing Form IA 1040X and any relevant amended schedules. Download the form and instructions from the Iowa Department of Revenue website https://tax.iowa.gov/amending-tax-returns.
  • Do not file the amended return on the same day as your original return.

What to Include with Your IA 1040X?

  • A clear explanation of the reason for filing the amended return.
  • Supporting documentation for any changes you're making, such as corrected W-2s, 1099s, or receipts.
  • If you're claiming an additional refund, include bank account information for direct deposit.

Key Points to Consider For Form IA 1040X:

  • Filing an amended return may result in a tax refund, additional tax owed, or no change at all.
  • If you owe additional tax, interest and penalties may apply depending on when you file and the reason for the amendment.
  • There's no penalty for filing an amended return to claim a refund, as long as you do so within three years of the original due date (generally April 30th).