Form WV-4868: Application for Extension of Time to File

Form WV-4868, also known as Application for Extension of Time to File, is an official document used by taxpayers in West Virginia (WV) to request an extension for filing their personal income tax return. It grants you an additional six months to submit your WV tax forms after the original due date.

What's the Purpose of Form WV-4868?

The primary purpose of Form WV-4868 is to provide taxpayers with more time to gather necessary documents, complete their West Virginia tax return accurately, and avoid penalties associated with late filing.

Why File Form WV-4868?

There are various reasons why you might need to file Form WV-4868. Here are some common scenarios:

A. Incomplete Records: Gathering all the necessary tax documents can be time-consuming. If you haven't received all your income statements (W-2s, 1099s) or are waiting for additional information, an extension allows you more time to collect everything before filing.

B. Complex Tax Situation: If your tax situation is intricate, involving multiple income sources, deductions, or business ownership, you might need extra time to ensure an accurate return.

C. Unexpected Event: Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances like illness, a natural disaster, or caregiving responsibilities can hinder your ability to meet the filing deadline. An extension offers some relief in such situations.

Important Points to Remember about Form WV-4868

Extension to File, Not to Pay: While Form WV-4868 grants you more time to file your tax return, it does not extend the deadline for paying any taxes you may owe. It's crucial to estimate your tax liability and make timely payments to avoid penalties and interest charges.

Federal Extension and WV-4868: If you already filed a federal tax extension using Form 4868 with the IRS and expect to owe no West Virginia income tax, you generally don't need a separate WV-4868. Simply note on your West Virginia return that you received a federal extension.

Filing Deadline for Form WV-4868: The application for extension (Form WV-4868) itself must be submitted by the original due date of your West Virginia tax return. Typically, this falls on April 15th unless a federal holiday pushes it back. Missing this deadline will likely result in a late filing penalty.

Extension Length: An approved Form WV-4868 grants you six extra months to file your West Virginia tax return. This means the new deadline becomes October 15th of the same year.

What if I miss the deadline to file Form WV-4868?

Unfortunately, if you miss the original due date to submit Form WV-4868, your extension request will likely be denied. However, you can still file your tax return late. In such cases, you'll be subject to late filing penalties and potentially interest charges on any unpaid taxes.

Does filing Form WV-4868 guarantee an extension?

The West Virginia Tax Division typically approves extension requests submitted on Form WV-4868 as long as you file it by the original due date. However, in rare cases, they might deny your request if they believe you haven't shown reasonable cause for needing more time.

What happens if I owe taxes after filing an extension?

Even though Form WV-4868 grants you more time to file, it doesn't extend the deadline for tax payments. You are still responsible for estimating your tax liability and making timely payments to avoid penalties and interest. Consider making estimated tax payments throughout the year to ensure you don't owe a large sum when you finally file your return.

How do I file Form WV-4868?

There are two ways to submit Form WV-4868:

A. Electronically: You can file the form electronically through the West Virginia Tax Division's website.

B. Paper Form: You can download a paper copy of Form WV-4868 attached below, fill it out, and mail it to the designated address.