Form SC4868: Request For Extension Of Time To File South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return

Form SC4868, officially titled "Request for Extension of Time to File South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return," is a document submitted to the South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) to request additional time to file your state income tax return.

What's the Purpose of Form SC4868?

The primary purpose of Form SC4868 is to grant you an extra six months to file your South Carolina (SC) individual income tax return. The standard due date for filing SC individual income tax returns is April 15th of each year, aligning with the federal deadline. However, unforeseen circumstances can sometimes prevent you from finalizing your return by that date.

Filing Form SC4868 helps you avoid penalties associated with late filing. It's important to remember that an extension to file does not grant an extension to pay. Any taxes owed are still due by the original deadline of April 15th.

Important Points to Remember:

Extension to File, Not to Pay: While an extension grants you more time to file, it does not extend the deadline for paying any taxes you owe. It's crucial to estimate your tax liability and make a timely payment to avoid penalties and interest charges.

Payment Options: You can make your estimated tax payment online through the SCDOR's MyDORWAY portal ( or by mailing a check payable to "SCDOR" along with your completed SC4868 form.

Alternative to SC4868: If you already filed for a federal tax extension using Form 4868 with the IRS and do not owe any South Carolina income tax, you can simply submit a copy of the federal extension with your SC1040 return instead of filing a separate SC4868.

How long does the extension last?

Form SC4868 grants you an automatic extension of six months from the original due date of your South Carolina return. This typically extends the deadline to October 15th of the same year.

What information do I need to file form SC4868?

  • Your full name and Social Security number
  • Your South Carolina filing address
  • Your estimated tax liability for the year
  • The original due date of your return (typically April 15th)

What happens if I don't file for an extension and miss the due date?

Failing to file your South Carolina income tax return or extension request by the due date can result in penalties and interest charges on any taxes owed. It's best to file for an extension or consult with a tax professional if you find yourself unable to meet the deadline.

Do I need to file a federal extension with the IRS to use Form SC4868?

No, filing a federal extension with the IRS is not required to use Form SC4868. However, if you owe no South Carolina income tax and have already filed a federal extension, you can submit a copy of your federal extension with your SC4868 instead of filing the form itself.